All You Should Know About Child Resistant Package Testing

The Poison Prevention Packaging Act was passed in December 1970 by the United States Congress. This act specifies that hazardous materials should be packaged in such a way that children below the age of 5 cannot access the contents easily. Back then when this law was passed, the Congress was deeply concerned by the high number of kids who were killed or injured as a result of consuming dangerous products at home. The initial intention of the Congress when they enacted the law was to protect children from consuming dangerous household materials. These substances include anything from OTC and Rx drugs to pesticides and household chemicals. Special packaging makes it extremely difficult for children to obtain or open toxic materials contained in the package without making it difficult for adults to open it.
It can be difficult for some adults with disabilities to access child-resistant packaging contents. Federal law and regulations require manufacturers to test product designs to ensure the majority of adults can access the child-resistant package. More recently, package testing was included in 2 to determine if people with disabilities or aged individuals can open the packages.
Performance tests of the product packaging are done with actual kids to determine if it can be opened. A test failure is when a child opens the package and gains access to a number of materials that can cause serious injury or harm. Also, if a child can open or gain access to over eight individual products, it constitutes a test failure.
The child resistant packaging testing requirement is that children should be between 42 to 51 months old. Typically a panel of 50 children is instructed to open the product within a period of 10 minutes. They can use different means like their teeth to open the product. In some cases, pharmacists may use non-child resistant products if there are no kids within the same household. If your business involves packaging of drugs for distribution in the United States, you are required by law to follow child-resistant packaging. This obligation also applies to most prescription drugs and certain OTC products. However, child-resistant packaging should not be seen as the first line of defense. Rather it should be used as a last line of defense as there is no product that is totally child-proof.
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