Smart Glass Electrochromic Glass: Never Worry About Glare Or Privacy Issues Again 


How many times have you been working away on your latest genius project, only to have to get up and down over and over again throughout the day as the Sun moves? It’s frustrating! Or what about those times when you had someone really special over for dinner, and wanted to dim the room in a way that gave you all exclusive access to each other, with no interruptions. Nobody wants to get up and down all day long to shut blinds, shuffle furniture, or rearrange positions if you don’t have to. Well, now you don’t. The latest wave in technology has arrived to shift your internal environment as the Sun moves. It’s called electrochromic glass, also known as “smart glass.” Your smart glass will be just as intuitive as your smart phone, taking care of your needs before you even realize you have them. The product known as MH Dimmable Tint 4 is one of the hottest on the market today, and leaving satisfied customers all over the world.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is an electrochromic glass that uses the science of light and the technology of transition at the same time. Have you ever seen someone with sunglasses that change depending on where they are in the room? Or where they are outside? That’s electrochromic glass. And now you can bring it into your home. When you do, you’ll never spend the day getting up and down from your desk to shift the blinds, and you’ll never have to worry that your carefully selected furnishings will fade from your morning Sun. With smart glass, you can put your furniture in the room anywhere you want!

What are the benefits of electrochromic glass?

The benefits of electrochromic glass go far beyond their convenience. They are easy, and cost-effective on your home and furnishings for the long haul. But even better, they are environmentally friendly!

Smart glass or electrochromic glass saves in both environmental manners as well as cost-effective ways. When you use smart glass in your home, you will no longer be burning essential energy supplies by turning lights on and off as needed, particularly during the day. Smart glass decides for you when you need light, and you adjust as needed. This will save you in long-term energy costs, and energy supplies.

Smart glass offers many benefits because of the intuitive science behind it. It is covered with a layer of chemicals that is a thermos-chromic PVB layer that is three layers thick, and this gets inserted in between the layers of the glass being developed. The word “thermo” in science means “heat” and the word “chromic” means color. When a thermos-chromic element is added to glass, the glass then becomes a technology that can change color when heat is applied, such as from the heat source we call the Sun.

How Electrochromic Glass Works

Like those fancy sunglasses you admire, smart glass works on its own! Instead of having to buy two sets of shades for your face, you save money long-term by only buying one. The same goes for electrochromic glass in your home! When the Sun, or the heat source, is applied to the windows, they will begin to gradually tint. The glass senses the heat, and the transformation is launched. As the Sun gets brighter in the day, the tints around your home or room get darker.

This will even keep your home cooler in the Summer and allow you to save costs on air conditioning, and warmer in the Winter saving you in heat costs as well. Electrochromic glass also offers you instant privacy! In a day and age when our privacy needs are as paramount a priority as our energy savings are, electrochromic glass is a solution that will save you money in your home needs for years to come. MHDT in Denver, Colorado is the leading expert in America to service all electrochromic glass needs. Their MH Dimmable Tint  electrochromic glass is giving many homeowners peace of mind. Never be interrupted again!